Domain related expertise that is not easily acquired


An established loyal customer base.


Exclusive access to strategicly important resources.


First significant leader of a market segment


Significantly larger market share than competitors and fixed costs are majority of total cost


Unique location provides ample access to customers, talent, or partners


Ability to profitably sell at a lower price in lieu of operating efficiencies


Difficult for customers to switch to a competitor


The product or service requires or encourages customers to invite others to derive benefit.


An established market presence and brand recognition.


Product or service outperforms the competition.


Intellectual property that is either protected by patent or difficult to replicate.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the health, life sciences, wellness and hospitality sectors with the latest inbound marketing and technology software and automation services.

Unique Value Proposition

We traffic in honesty, transparency, and trust, all supported by emotional intelligence and team synergy. Marketing is taking on a more human, authentic H2H--no push, just gentle pulling.


In the short term, we will be focusing on the private sector to achieve profitability and therefore eventually have an influence on the patient (client) journey in the public sector as well.

Company Culture

We adhere to the next-gen belief that corporate social responsibility comes first.

Our Team

Exclusive Partners

Mayur Upasani

Mayur Upasani

Chief Namastey Officer
Josh Clark

Anjana Patel

Salesforce Developer
Maulik Patel

Maulik Patel

Android and iOS Developer
Nix Maxwell

Kajal Shah

Web Developer





"Tristan is an intelligent, strategic, customer centric and solution based sales professional. Part of the solution, open to change and to coaching. A pleasure to work with!"

Stéphane Le Gal Vice President Sales - Canada Operations at Agropur

"I worked with Tristan in putting together a contract for a company I own and found him to be knowledgeable, prompt, and very committed to the company he was representing. Just an excellent experience from start to finish."

James McCain Founder & CEO of SynerWorx, LLC, CenDyt LLC ,VitalMetric LLC, Aquatech Bioenergy

Tristan is a natural relationship builder. If your business needs to capture new leads and turn them into long term clients, Tristan is ready for that challenge.

Jonathan B. Mailhot Senior Manager, Media Planning and Innovation

Tristan is the epitomy of the young, bright and talented sales professional. He won't get caught up in red tape and he'll go the extra mile to properly service a client. He'll build his sales proposals around the clients needs and ensure they get full value in return for their investment. That said he's always got the company's revenue targets well in view to ensure he surpasses expectations. Tristan is an organized and very persuasive individual that doesn't make excuses and delivers his thoughts in a polished manner.

Giancarlo Lanzetta Audi Brand Specialist at Audi

Tristan has worked for me for several years and has shown above average skills in negotiating techniques and digital sales knowledge. Tristan is a hard worker, results driven and a strong team player. I would recommend him for any position that requires strategic thinking and business development.

Benoit Parent B. Comm, Headhunter / Chasseur de têtes

During my tenure as Advertising sales Manager at The Gazette, I had the opportunity to know and work with Tristan. Tristan was/ is a very dynamic and proactive individual who has the innate ability to immediately capture the attention of perspective clients then go on to build positive and effective working relationships with them. Tristan was one of the first staff members who totally embraced digital sales taking the responsibility and initiative to learn the necessary elements and then taking it to the next level on his own. Always up for something new Tristan is a dynamic and passionate individual and it was a pleasure to work with him on both professional and personal levels.

Randy Gates Deputy warden, Christ Church Cathedral

Tristan's sales expertise brought our team to a next level. His experience with retail clients and his detailed customer service helped to build efficient and smart strategic proposals to each of our clients. I'm sure he will be an upcoming leader in any position he'll lead. His professionalism and can-do attitude are the key of Tristan's success as a team leader. I highly recommend him, he's a real asset to any organization!

Maca Atencio Lifestyle Blogger | Marketer | Content Creator

Tristan is both professional and personable. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with him,on several occasions. He has a warm and engaging personality which enables him to connect positively with anyone. His knowledge and insights were instrumental in bringing about productive and effective solutions. He swiftly grasped my objectives, and not only delivered the results I was seeking, he exceeded them. Tristan possesses rare and essential marketing skills that bridge the divide that sometimes separate a client and it’s representative.I am of the opinion that he is an asset to any team. I highly recommend Tristan.

Gary Tabah President Shepherd's Rock

As a part of Toastmasters, Tristan and I have been volunteering together for a little over 6 months. While that may not seem like a long time, Tristan has accomplished the monumental task of rebranding the organization and focusing our message. This has allowed us to reach new audiences, and in turn, attract more members. I remain impressed by Tristan's drive and how he's accomplished so much in so little time. He intrinsically understands where to put his effort to gain the best returns, without skimping on the details. Tristan has been an incredibly valuable asset to the club. I'm positive we'll be collecting dividends from his contributions well beyond his tenure.

Frank Courville Swift and iOS Training

As immediate Past Division Governor for Toastmasters, and a Pointe-Claire Toastmasters member, I've observed with delight the commitment taken by Tristan in his role of V.P. Public Relations for this club. He not only gave the club a refreshingly new logo, but instilled in the members the excitement and optimism that the logo represents. His understanding of marketing and sales was evident in the way that he sold the group on itself. He so clearly demonstrated his skill and knowledge in product and people. A clear winning combination.

Phil Méthot President Toastmasters Club 9750

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